Tee Pee is a clothing company established in 2011 by emerging Australian graphic designer, illustrator and artist Jessica Brennan.

Adorned with original artwork hand drawn by Jessica Brennan, Tee Pee clothing is printed only on the most comfortable and finest quality of fabrics and cuts, with shirts sourced from American Apparel and Continental Clothing.
Providers of sweatshop free garments, American Apparel and Continental Clothing were selected as industry leaders in efforts to reduce the impact that clothing manufacturing has on the environment.

Every Tee Pee garment is an original piece of artwork, which is printed in close collaboration with screen printers in Australia using pre softened inks to ensure the most soft, comfortable garment.

Yen Magazine's Anne Fullerton describes one of Jessica’s pieces: "We’re not sure if it’s because the font reminds us of American Gigilo or if we’ve just seen way too many ’80s films, but there’s something retro, sophisticated and a little bit saucy about this illustration from Jessica Brennan. A love note, scrawled in Chanel Rouge, acts like a little window into a world of fabulous parties, expensive champagne and illicit affairs. Brennan’s other work is equally evocative, zeroing in on a detail to encapsulate a mood.”
http://www.yenmag.net 2011

Jessica’s illustration work has been featured in several European fashion magazines, most recently being French publication ‘THAT’, previously known as ‘Dirrty Glam'.

Shop for Tee Pee: www.teepeeshop.bigcartel.com

Jessica Brennan official website: www.jessicabrennan.com